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In a recent post, we let you know about a fantastic rural tourism project in the town of Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula While the highlighted tour of the Association is their newest trail into Corcovado National Park, there are several others that are just as fun One that

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Ascot Mining, Plc - In Administration Ascot Mining has active gold mining and milling operations in Costa Rica where it has commenced production of gold from its wholly owned Chassoul concession Ascot's immediate focus is to expand its gold production in Costa Rica

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In regards to Costa Rica, our website’s country of focus, mining can have irreversible consequences on the valuable rainforests that cover much of Costa Rica It is because of this that Costa Rica has been involved in a near decade-long legal battle with a Canadian gold mining corporation, Infinito Gold

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The Chassoul gold mine is located 70km north-west of the capital city of Costa Rica in San Jose Owned by Veritas Gold, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascot Mining, the mine covers an area of 400ha and includes nine identified veins Its development was initiated in 1991 Veritas Gold commenced

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Mining of gold has been banned in countries such as Costa Rica in recent years, along with restrictions and laws governing other gold mining projects in various areas of the world citizens of Costa Rica realized the natural habitats to multitudes of flora and fauna were in jeopardy

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Costa Rica outlawed all new open-pit mining in 2002, but the Bellavista mine was given a permit prior to the ban It is the only operating large open-pit mine in this ecotourism-dependent country High metals prices are driving a gold mining rush in other parts of Latin America

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Gold, the most sought after precious metal in the world, is not worth its weight when it comes to protecting the environment Gold has been mined around the globe from rich deposits deep under the

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The only producer in Costa Rico is presently “Inversiones Valle Columbia” that holds an exploitation concession right in the center of the historic Las Juntas mining district

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — It started with a dispute over one gold mine It led to an all-out ban on open-pit metal mining, making Costa Rica the region's most anti-mining country The Central