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This value is to be checked for durability requirement from IS: 456 In the present example against mild exposure and for the case of reinforced concrete the minimum cement content is 300 kg/m3 which is less than 3832 kg/m3 Hence cement content adopted …

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The cement content of concrete is important from the aspect of durability, impermeability and strength Too low a cement content may cause inadequate structural capability or more frequently may not provide a durable protective environment for the steel reinforcement, permitting rapid carbonation and subsequent loss of the protective alkaline environment for the steel

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Concrete Mix Design – M 20 Grade Of Concrete DETERMINATION OF CEMENT CONTENT W/c ratio = 05 Water content = 18042 Kg/cum Thus, Cement content = 36084 Kg/cum Adequate for moderate exposure Say 360 Kg/cum 7 DETERMINATION OF COARSE AND FINE AGGREGATE CONTENT Assume entrapped air as 2 % Thus, 098 cum = [18042+360/305 + {1/033}*

What is the cement content for 1m3 of M20,M25 concrete?

Answer / awais goraya M25 Cement =320 kg/cum fine aggregate= 751 kg/cum coarse aggregate = 20 mm = 977 kg/cum 10 mm =380 kg/cum

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81-Cement content 3 446 kg/m Say 445 kg/m3 82-Maximum specified cement content NS 83-Minimum specified cement content NS ( Use 81 if 81 ≤ 82, or use 83 if 83 > 81, use 82 if 82 < 81 ) Cement content 445 kg/m3 Modified free-water to cement content 046 9-Concrete density

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This mix is recommended for drives or roadways for heavy vehicles, plus also recommended for agricultural use in stables and barns as animals urine can weaken concrete over time, minimum cement content 300 kg/pm3 C40 Mix A stronger mix with a minimum cement content of 340kg/m, recommended for agricultural use in farmyards and stable yards

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Step 5: Cement Content Calculation But from table 5 of IS456-2000, Minimum cement content required for moderate exposure condition for M15 grade concrete is = 240 Kg/m 3 of concrete Greater of above two values will be the cement content Hence, C = 33614Kg

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1000(1-a 0) = {(Cement Content / Sp Gr Of Cement) + Water Content +C a / Sp Gr* Pc)} Where C a = Coarse Aggregate Content F a = Fine Aggregate Content P f = Sand Content as percentage of total Aggregates = 036 Pc = Coarse Aggregate Content as percentage of total Aggregates = 064 a 0 = Percentage air content in concrete (As per IS :10262 for 20 mm nominal size of aggregates air …

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28/01/2012 · For 20 mm maximum size aggregate, sand confirming to grading Zone II, water content per cubic metre of concrete = 180 kg and sand content as percentage of total aggregate by absolute volume = …

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Related Questions More Answers Below As it is understood, the maximum contribution to strength of any grade of concrete depends on aggregate content and its grading, more than cement quantity and w/c ratio Coming to your question, in high strength concrete, greater cement content, assuming for the same w/c ratio, means more hydrated cement paste,