Problems With The Swimming Pool Chemical Bromine

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Pool workers or lifeguards might come in constant contact with bromine in a liquid or tablet form According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, splashing bromine liquid directly on the skin causes chemical burns and damage

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Many dogs love nothing more than to jump in the swimming pool on a hot day, but the chemicals in the pool can irritate delicate eyes, nostrils and other mucous membranes While bromine is generally easier on bathing pets than chlorine, it still can result in the irritation of a dog's sensitive system

problems with the swimming pool chemical bromine

Bromine Swimming Pool Care and Tips Bromine Bromine Uses in Swimming Pools and Spas Bromine is a chemical element that uses the symbol Br Br belongs to the same chemical group as chlorine Meaning that they are both halogens Br was discovered in 1826 by a man by the name of Anthoine Balard who found out that Br has an atomic number of 35 and

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2009-09-19 · Pool Forums Swimming Pool Water Maintenance & Pool Water Problems Pool Chemical Problems & Swimming Pool Bromine problems / Questions What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid, (In The Swim Products) The folks at In The Swim said Bromine can be used without chlorine The problem I'm having now is the Bromine is turning to a

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2015-02-23 · If the pool is free of algae and Bromine levels are sufficient to prevent the growth of bacteria, there shouldn't be much load on the pool Keep in mind this is an indoor pool with a power cover (not sure I mentioned the cover earlier), so other than bather load (which isn't much as this is a weekend house), there shouldn't be much Bromine demand between visits

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So to summarize the pro-bromine argument, bromine pools do not need to be shocked to treat combined bromine (a positive contributor to pool health) in the way that chlorine pools must be shocked to treat combined chlorine (a bad actor, both in and out of the pool)

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2017-08-21 · The main problem with bromine -- other than its cost -- is that it is unaffected by the stabilizer that protects chlorine from degradation by sunlight Consequently, it doesn't last long in an open pool, and you have to keep adding more

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Through my experience, most swimming pool water problems are the result of poor or inadequate pool sanitation In other words, failure to maintain good pool or spa water chemistry Now a days the majority of the pools and spas around today are monitored automatically

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Often, many water and surface problems can be handled by the individual pool owner The information below provides solutions to some common pool issues Always make sure the water is properly balanced prior to any addition of corrective chemicals

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