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The correct selection of plants plays an important role in the design and functioning of vertical living wall gardens In this article, we show a selection of the best plants for vertical gardening

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2015-11-19 · Vertical gardens are a risky idea, although they are magnificent either on the patio, terrace or balcony of your home However, for every type of garden, a particular type of plant is recommended, as some may develop better in a pot and others may require a lot more room to grow

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Best Edible Plants for Vertical Gardens Edible plants that work well for vertical gardening tend to fall into two categories: 1) Plants that have shallow roots or don’t take long to mature, so they won’t develop massive root systems that require a lot of space:

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2015-09-18 · Best plants for vertical garden The vertical garden is a garden that has built from the ground up Not above the ground or floor horizontally, but more closely resembles the wall or placement in

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2017-06-22 · Vertical gardens soften dull walls and breathe life into concrete-heavy urban spaces Grasses, succulents and small perennial shrubs thrive in these contained structures, as do herbs, ferns and many more plant species

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2016-04-06 · The next group of plants for a vertical garden are accent plants with larger leaves used to bring some texture contrasts to the plant palette When you put these plants in a vertical garden against your background of grassy plants, they keep the green theme going but create bigger and bolder shapes within the composition

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Growing edibles in a vertical garden is a great space-efficient way to grow good food But which sorts of plants work best and will thrive in this kind of system? As with all garden design, it depends Is your vertical garden in full sun, or full shade? Is it in a sheltered place, or exposed