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The data mining functions that are available within MicroStrategy are employed when using standard MicroStrategy Data Mining Services interfaces and techniques, which includes the Training Metric Wizard and importing third-party predictive models To ensure proper functionality, it is recommended to use these MicroStrategy data mining functions within the Data Mining Services interfaces and techniques, …

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Data Mining functions and methodologies − There are some data mining systems that provide only one data mining function such as classification while some provides multiple data mining functions such as concept description, discovery-driven OLAP analysis, association mining, linkage analysis, statistical analysis, classification, prediction, clustering, outlier analysis, similarity search, etc

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Da ta mining functions Data mining generally refers to examining a large amount of data to extract valuable information The data mining process uses predictive models based on existing and historical data to project potential outcome for business activities and transactions

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The IBM InfoSphere Warehouse provides mining functions to solve various business problems These mining functions are grouped into different PMML model types and mining algorithms Each model type includes different algorithms to deal with the individual mining functions

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131 Sequence data are ubiquitous and have diverse applications This chapter presented a general overview of sequential pattern mining, sequence classification, sequence similarity search, trend analysis, biological sequence alignment, and modeling

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