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* The bulk density is the mass of the material related to a specific volume and for cement is normally expressed as “kilograms per cubic metre” * The bulk

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Density of Cement Bulk density of coarse aggregate=1600 to 1800 kg/ cum; Without knowing perfect mixture of cement and sand you can not achieve your goal

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Point Should Be Know Before Estimating Density of Cement = 1440 kg/m3 Sand Density = 1450-1500 kg/m3 Density of Aggregate = 1450

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26-5-2018 · Hello Friends, In this video we will learn, how to calculate cement, sand and aggregate quantity in concrete , also you will get idea about density of


15-3-2017 · calculation of quantity of cement & sand & aggregate in concrete mix | civil engg calculation quantity of cement and sand in mortar and number of

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A simple yet more accurate method (DLBD method) of calculating cement, sand and aggregate for Nominal Concrete mix M15, M20, M25 and M30 grade Concrete

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= Aggregate ⁄ Cement+Sand+Aggregate x 157 Density of aggregate may go higher if void spaces decreases 5mm aggregate has more density when compared with 20mm